This is where the magic happens


I am Manu Guardiola, a winemaker from the Marina Alta (north-east of the province of Alicante) with a long family history in wine production. My father and our ancestors already made wine for self-consumption for several generations, as was the custom in the region. I decided to take it a step further and undertake this project. Therefore, our wine is the result of knowledge from previous times, together with knowledge acquiered during the study of oenology and with the experience that keeps growing with every new year of winemaking.

The wines are made with a lot of love and affection, with the sweat of the family, who takes on the entire process, from the cultivation of the grape to the final touches on the bottle. For which we say that they are wines made with the soul, from the deepest and the best parts of each and every one of us.


The winery is located in the center of the town of Xaló (Jalón), it is part of the so-called “old Castle of the Duchess of Almodovar” and was the place where wine and oil were made and cereals and other foods were stored. We have rehabilitated the space, conserving some of its stone walls, and adapting it to make it work as an artisanal winery. We have a ´coup´, tanks from 300 to 1000 L and French oak barrels.


Our work philosophy is to be respectful of nature and the environment, which is why we work all the plots organically, that is, in the traditional way of cultivating the vineyard. Our plots are full of life, we try to take care of the auxiliary fauna which helps us to have a balance in our environment and thus make it easier for our grapes to be healthy at harvest time.

We ferment the wines with native yeasts, we do not add any type of additive except for a tiny bit sulphites, nor do we filter or clarify the wines. We want the wines to be the maximum expression of the grape that we have grow in the fields. It is my way of bringing joy and happiness to the world. I hope you will enjoy my wines.